The Next Chapter: Balancer Labs

When Fernando asked me to join Balancer Labs, I expressed my passion for scaling culture in decentralized ecosystems and my desire to join a team with the same aim. I doubt I will ever forget Fernando’s response, “until we started speaking with you, we didn’t realize this is something we needed. But now that we know, even if we can’t hire you, we will keep looking for someone to fill this need.”

In the year leading up to that conversation, I was intrigued with answering one question: How can we focus on, and scale, culture in decentralized ecosystems?

Although largely invisible, culture, and the organizational structure it relies on, is far-reaching. Culture informs who joins the team, how they behave, what product they build, and how they treat others. When I joined Coinbase in 2014, culture was a vital attribute.

There is a lot of literature that describes how organizational practices are evolving. The two that have influenced me are Team of Teams and Reinventing Organizations. These books describe that organizational practices are shifting into a new paradigm; instead of hierarchies that create machines of people focused on profit and power, the next iteration of organizations will be self-managed living systems focused on realizing their potential (more on how humans organize here). I believe crypto has the conditions to bring this organizational evolution to reality.

I chose to join Balancer because Fernando, and the entire team, care about creating a human-oriented organization while ambitiously driving forward a product I believe in. My role as COO of Balancer Labs covers a large area, but my core commitment is to ensure the well-being of Balancer’s ecosystem.

Together with this community, I plan to discover, design, and open-source common practices to bring a new paradigm of organizational processes to crypto protocols.

⛓️Crypto Product Manager focused on connecting to consumers around the world 💜 🌍🚀 Previous: 5 yrs @Coinbase

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